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What You Should Know About The Top 5 Fast Food Chains

Fast Food Chains
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What You Should Know About The Top 5 Fast Food Chains

Exploring The Secrets On Why Fast Food Chains Are Popular Worldwide

The booming success and continuous rise of the fast food chain industry can be attributed to the rise of technology. Particularly in the field of media and entertainment. Today’s modern world is a picture of a speedy-paced environment with everyone multitasking and doing things while on-the-go. This is the very reason why restaurants and fast food chains exist. They are made to cater to the demands of the masses for a fast and a speedy meal that they can take even while on-the-go.

The Truth Revealed On The Popularity of Fast Food Chains

Fast food chains are also known as Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) serving processed meat and fried foods in a limited menu. The products here are cooked advance in bulk and kept hot, then packaged to order and are available for takeout.

The first fast-food chains were built in as early as 1921 White Castle & 1923 A&W in the US. Since then, many fast food chains have appeared and had even surpassed the popularity of the two establishments that started it all.

Pretty soon, with the development of technology in the various countries across the globe, the fast food phenomenon has finally branched out along with the world’s adaptation to a more westernized environment.

Reasons Why The Fast Food Industry Is So Popular

With the ever-growing demand for comfort and convenience, we realize how much we value getting what we need in the way we want. For example, Americans spend more money on fast food than on movies, music, magazines, newspapers, and books combined. We just didn’t realize how rapid is the growth of this $240 billion industry over the last 30 years.

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And along with how the fast food chain has changed the way we think about food, it has also contributed to the economic shifts that encouraged more women to work outside their homes.

Exploring The Secrets On Why Fast Food Restaurants Are Popular Worldwide

In order to understand the impact of fast food on our lives, let’s look at the TOP 5 MOST SUCCESSFUL FAST FOOD CHAINS WORLDWIDE:

McDonald’s – It’s not just because of the burgers or fries, but this is definitely the largest fast food chain in the world – with 35,000 outlets in 119 countries. On a daily basis, they cater to 68 million hungry customers wanting and craving for their food.



KFC – Kentucky Fried Chicken is the 2nd largest food chain worldwide. Known for having a secret recipe on fried chicken items that are filled and marinated with herbs and spices, customers just can’t seem to get enough of their tasty meals.

KFC Store

Photo: Pinterest

Subway – Found in 107 countries worldwide, their main products are salads and submarine sandwiches. Every day, they serve 7.6 million sandwiches which you can get in 38 million ways or options.

Subway Store


Pizza Hut – In 93 countries that you might happen to visit, you can dine internationally at the largest pizza delivering service around the globe. It’s so popular that it became the first company ever to deliver pizza to international space station pioneers.



Jollibee – And because we’re Filipinos, for the love of country we include our very own fast food chain that caters to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, North America, Hong Kong, Italy, and Macau. They specialize in burgers, spaghetti, and fried chicken showing the American influence. Yet, they also offer some Filipino dishes that the locals are craving for.

Jollibee - Philippines

Photo: Inside Retail Asia

Although the fast food chains mentioned above have different food offerings, we understand that they have one thing in common. They offer various meat products yet they all serve chicken in one or more dishes. For us Filipinos, chicken is one of the staple foods that we just can’t get enough of it. While for others, they love chicken meat probably because of its many health benefits for our body.

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Now that we know why fast food chains are so popular worldwide, we also came to understand how our wants or demands affect the way how food chains work. The secret to success for these food industry giants can be attributed to key elements such as branding, location, speed, and most especially efficiency. Having all these elements done in the right way and according to the preference of the customers surely made them worthy of success that customers just keep on coming back for more.

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