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LGBT Pride – What Does It Mean To Celebrate Pride Month?

Pride Month
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LGBT Pride – What Does It Mean To Celebrate Pride Month?

The world that was once too big can now suddenly fit right in the palm of our hands. And we have immediate access to all the information that we’ll ever need.

We’ve truly gone a long way since the world began. From ancient times up to the present, many forms of technology and innovations have been discovered. Along with the ease in communication, we’ve grown highly tech-dependent and became the children of social media.

LGBT Community for the Queer

As we’ve learned to express ourselves, then came an era where everyone comes out to reveal their true nature apart from their physical being. This, therefore, led to the development of new groups such as the LGBT community (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender). Although the LGBT have become more accepted today, they’ve been through very rough times where they can’t openly express their preferences that if one tried, everyone else will criticize them and treat them horribly.

The Movement for LGBT Pride Equality

Equality for everyone and fairness on each gender’s preference – that is the message that the modern world wants us to realize especially with the LGBT group. Because one person can do what others can, and even more effectively, we can excel on our chosen field as long as we are free to be who we are and free to express our individuality and uniqueness. This scenario is almost that perfect yet in reality, those who want to make their mark in the world with their uniqueness as part of the LGBT community often gets discriminated and judged for their looks when in fact, it’s their qualities inside and the skills that they possess is what matters. But they’d never get to share them with the world.

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That is why movements such as the LGBT Pride or Pride Month have been developed in order to promote awareness and to fight for the rights of the gay people towards equality, diversity, acceptance, and self-pride. The LGBT Pride celebration every year in the month of June consists of vibrant parades, concerts, symposia, workshops, and of course, various parties. Memorials are also held during the events in order to remember those who passed away due to hate crimes and/or HIV/AIDS. The Pride Month allows us to understand the LGBT community deeper and see their impact throughout history whether it may be on the local or international scene.

Union of the Same-Sex

Although we’re starting to be open on accepting the individuality or uniqueness of gay people, we understand that not all the people in the world openly accept the concept of people turning gay. And we know that since their community is rapidly growing, the tendency to get attracted with another is a big probability. Yet, at times, along with their intense emotions for each other, they tend to submit themselves for Same-Sex Marriage. We have nothing against two people falling in love yet. As a Christian who believes in the sanctity of marriage, we stand firm that the man is for the woman while the woman is for the man. One thing we can do in order to help is to pray for them.

LGBT Pride Conclusion

Since there’s always two sides of a coin, no matter which side you belong to, you have the right to fight for what you believe in. Speak out your mind, and still be a recipient of equality and fairness.

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If you know someone who’s afraid to express him/herself or is struggling to get accepted in the society, you may like and share this article with them. And hope that you can drop in your comments below. Don’t forget to visit our ScribFlow more often for the latest news and updates around the globe.

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