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How To Achieve A Lot With An Expression of Love

Expression Of Love
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How To Achieve A Lot With An Expression of Love

The difference here lies in the expression of love! You can have it all but if you do not sell with the expression of love.

We see around so many people in the market who are trying to achieve greater heights of success in their career through selling. Some attain success while others are lagged behind. So what is it that defines the success of a few only?

You may say that it’s the quality of their product, service or idea? But what if they are selling the same products at the same price in the same location?

Let us make it easy for you to understand with this example. Mr. X worked with a branded restaurant for years as the head chef. After some years of experiences, it strikes him that he can manage the team, prepare and monitor all sorts of cuisines and manage the business for his boss. Why not open an outlet of his own in the vicinity? He left his job and started out his own restaurant. It failed in no time! it was the same chef who took his employer’s restaurant to the peaks of success but couldn’t manage to find suitable ground for his own!

The difference here lies in the expression of love!

You can have it all but if you do not sell with the expression of love, you are missing out on some serious scale of customers. People have studied the importance of the expression of love in their sales and realized that such emotions drive human sales factor to a very large extent.

Selling looks tedious and unwarranted until unless we consider it as a necessity to be able to get into some job. But when you start loving the job and the interactions with your customers, you will have a magnetic charisma in your own self that will drive people towards you.

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It is a popular jargon in marketing that a successful marketer is one who can sell a comb to a bald person. And that is possible only when you own an expression of love in your attitude and wit of a lawyer.

About Expression of Love

Mind valley academy draws the interest of people towards its talk show video about this topic on this blog.

Here, people can get valuable information on how you can shift your focus from the burden of selling into the love of selling. Such videos are rare to find assets for everyone who is looking forward to making their career in the field of selling. This video talks about certain concepts such as:

  • Fundamental attribution error- majorly about the negative encounters that people have experienced during selling which make you nervous and uneasy. It helps in making you understand your position and its significance when you get stuck in a negative situation.
  • A new formula has been introduced which defines sales in a new perspective. This type of perspective has the inclusion of love, empathy, and care which are linked with selling.
  • The video also includes a meditation practice which is very essential for people to have self-belief. And helping them to overcome their limitations that curtail their growth in the field of sales.

Expression of Love Technique

Such practices are much needed in today’s time when we see a plethora of online selling services emerging every day. We need to find our space in this ever-increasing cloud space and thus need to change our attitude towards selling. Selling with the expression of love should be a life-changing perspective for many!

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