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Things To Consider Before Tying The Knot With A Doctor

Why Marrying A Doctor Is A Crazy Decision
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Things To Consider Before Tying The Knot With A Doctor

Freaky Reasons Why You Should Think Twice In Being A Doctor’s Wife

They say that when you find that one person who’s truly right for you, it doesn’t matter how hard your struggles may be, as long as you’re with the one you love.

There have been a lot of stories about love, marriage, and relationships winning over battles. They conquered against all odds despite the objections and the hardships experienced.

However, once in a lifetime, we do get to see and find interesting things that surprise us just like the following question below:

Why should you never marry a doctor of medicine?

Curious on what the answer may be? Just like you, we’re intrigued as well!

Let’s find out together the reasons and answer for this exceptional question. So, without further ado, here are the:

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Reconsider In Marrying A Doctor

  1. He/she is always busy. If you’re thinking of spending quality time and expect him/her to be at home most often, then you should lower your expectations because doctors can be called in for an operation or an emergency in the most inconvenient or unexpected time.
  2. Impressing him/her would often be too difficult. Just when you think you’ve had an extraordinary experience, think twice before sharing it with your doctor spouse. Because doctors have seen or heard it all in their field of medicine.
  3. Seeking medical attention is impossible. Unless you’re critically ill, you can’t expect to get any of his/her attention. So if you have a slight fever or a cough, better learn to manage it yourself.
  4. Doctors get the most attention. If you’re the jealous type, you might be challenged when it comes to all the attention that people will give to your spouse.
  5. Working even at home. Oftentimes, you may not be able to have ample time with each other as they might always bring some work at home.
  6. Work often always comes first. If you don’t understand how huge is the responsibility of professionals in the field of medicine, get ready for divorce once you become a distraction.
  7. Most dates or outings will be canceled. When you’re trying to enjoy a vacation with your family, don’t expect it to be a long one because it often gets canceled even before you begin.
  8. Your calls and texts will have no response. Don’t expect him or her to call back when you send a text or start a call. He/she is often too busy attending to a patient or making rounds.
  9. Think twice if you’re about to touch his/her phone. If you’re thinking of checking his/her messages, you better not as you don’t know where it’s been.
  10. You can’t pretend to be sick just to get attention. Trying to fake an illness of some sort? Unless you’re a great actor, you often cannot get away with it as they know what’s real or not.
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And the list goes on… Now that we know the reasons why it’s almost impossible to have a life with a doctor, we now realize why the question was asked in the first place. But we also know that it’s a case to case basis. As we’ve seen couples and relationships that worked despite having a doctor as a partner.

In the end, it’s a matter of how you deal with things and how you balance your work and home life. Because if you’re willing to do everything for your family, whatever the profession or how busy you are, you’ll always find time to stay and be with them.

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