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The Family Guy Abortion Episode That Sparked Controversy

Family Guy
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The Family Guy Abortion Episode That Sparked Controversy

What You Must Know About The Abortion Episode of Family Guy

Because you can talk just about anything under the sun when it comes to entertainment and social media. Everyone just freely expresses what they feel. This became so evident with the rise of the growing population of the LGBT community. And even the youth nowadays are more prone to getting STD due to the usual scenario that they see on TV.

Family Guy – Stirring Up Controversy With Abortion Episode

Gone are the days that cartoon characters depict values and learning to children. Although a few have remained to help educate toddlers, most of the scenes or episodes of cartoon shows are now geared towards adult entertainment. In line with that, one popular animated sitcom from Fox, known as Family Guy has gained several awards from the Emmy’s and Annie’s because of the amusement it brings to the audiences.

Family Guy

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Family Guy has gone a long way since its debut on June 31, 1999. And fast-forward to Season 8 Episode 21, we come across a familiar yet awkward topic for comedy — the Abortion episode.

The term ABORTION is the ending of a pregnancy by removing an embryo or fetus before it can survive outside the uterus. With the title Partial Terms of Endearment, you’d never expect what to feel or how to react about the entire episode.

In order to give a quick background on this episode, Lois meets her old friend Naomi who can’t conceive a child. She asked Lois to be her surrogate mother and Lois agreed. But after conception Naomi and her husband Dale, are killed in a car accident. And Lois had to make a decision whether to keep the baby or not. She and Peter agreed on an abortion until Peter met some pro-life advocates. Who made him realize thru a video that the fetus is a living thing. And so he dragged Lois outside the clinic and they had a talk as a family about the right decision to take.

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The creator of the Family Guy, Seth MacFarlane — discussed in an article under New York Times about how the episode came about, who came up with the idea, who did the writing, and how they saw the topic as the subject for this particular episode. He was asked if it ever occurred to him that abortion was not a funny subject. Then, he replied that abortion was such a usual topic in the papers. And that it’s commonly the issue under political and social satire. He also stated that it’s just the same as doing an episode about gay marriage or about an oil spill.

After seeing the episode and learning about the idea behind this part of the show, we can personally say that it doesn’t matter which side you choose to be in. As long as you weigh in the pros and cons of your actions. We did understand that there was a situation that needs to have a resolution. But, abortion is not really a laughing matter even if we know that it’s a common topic nowadays.

It’s something sensitive and serious that it should not be in any form of mockery. Because the fact remains that even if we just mention the word, we feel awkward about it. Yet if we ever deal or talk about abortion, it should be in a way that we understand the different types, legalities, and eventually, learn to see how it has affected our society. And find a solution on how we can help promote change in our own little ways.

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