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Google Products and Services Important Announcements

Google Products and Services


Google Products and Services Important Announcements

Whether you’re looking for something on the internet using a search engine and checking your email from google.

Are you a fanatic of Google Products and Services or Google Pixels?

It’s obvious and you’re always using them! Whether you’re looking for something on the internet using a search engine and checking your email from google. Everyone is using Google services either from their desktop and from their smartphone plan.

The official and most reliable technology review website popularly known as Cnet provide us the latest technology trends from Google products and services. Let us know which one is your favorite in the comment box.

Duplex, Android P, and Assistant: Everything important from Google I/O

From Gmail that writes itself to an Assistant that may pass the Turing test, Google I/O brought us a ton of enhancements to its products, almost all due to its AI and machine learning efforts.


It’s time to get to know Android P, the next version of Google software bound for your phone.

Exclusive: Google’s Duplex could make Assistant the most lifelike AI yet

Experimental technology, rolling out soon in a limited release, makes you think you’re talking to a real person. The conversation seems mundane. At least, at first. In a building called the Partnerplex on Google’s sprawling campus in Mountain View, California, I’ve been invited to hear a 51-second phone recording of someone making a dinner reservation.


This could be the next evolution of the Assistant, Google’s rival to Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana.

Google Assistant gets 6 new voices, including John Legend’s

Best yet, you can map different voices to different users. ou’ll now be able to choose among six new voices for Google Assistant for your Android phone or Google Home, Google announced at its annual I/O conference within spitting distance of its headquarters in Mountain View, California. One of those happens to be celebrity singer John Legend.

John Legend


Google Maps can now text your friends when you’ll arrive

Before Android or the iPhone, Google Maps was only available online via your computer. In those early days, people printed out hard copies of routes to use in their car. Thirteen years later, the mapping and directions tool is used by more than 1 billion people, mostly via their phones while driving.

Google Map

Google Maps got an update that makes it easier and safer to use while driving. NurPhoto/Getty Images

Google introduces Smart Compose autocomplete feature for Gmail

At its annual developers conference today, Google announced Smart Compose for its email service, Gmail. With the help of artificial intelligence, Smart Compose predicts what you will write and suggest common phrases as you type.

Google introduces Smart Compose autocomplete feature for Gmail

Google’s Smart Compose in action. Google

Google Assistant’s Pretty Please helps your kids mind their manners

Your Google Home smart speaker can ask for the magic word when your kid gives it a command.

Google Assistant

Your smart speakers are ready to be polite. Chris Monroe/CNET

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