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Discover The Epic Story Behind Manila Folder

Manila Folder


Discover The Epic Story Behind Manila Folder

Understanding The Uses and Advantages of Manila Folders

More than knowing the uses of a certain office supply, we can only appreciate how important an item is if we know how it’s made. And as long as we know the story behind its creation. We should know the reasons why the manila folder is a good business tool. A piece of paper or a folder may be a basic item. But, once you know where it came from, you’ll realize that there’s more to it than just being a simple everyday object that we use.

What You Should Know About The Manila Folder

Before processes became digital and offices learned to use computers, people at work used tons and tons of papers. Papers are useful for keeping records and making notes about meetings, processes, rules and regulations, and a lot more. For small to medium-sized businesses back in the day, papers can be easily managed. But for large companies and enterprises, it’s hard to keep track and retrieve all records without organizing papers in groups.

You can easily find what you need when you group papers accordingly. This is the very basic yet very important role of the folder.

Manila Folder: Its Origin, Creation, And Uses

But what makes the difference when we say, Manila Folder?

Aside from keeping things organized, people would want to use folders that can last a lifetime. Especially when it comes to legal documents and other public records, the Manila Folder has withstood the test of time.

Manila folder or envelopes are called as such because of the strong paper quality. The material came from the Philippine abaca plant or “Manila Hemp.” These fibers were originally used as ropes for sailing ships. This made the Philippines known in the international scene in the early 1700s to 1900s thru the exporting of this valuable material. That’s why it was discovered that it could also be used to create thicker and more durable types of paper.

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Understanding The Uses and Advantages of Manila Folder

Generally used as a file holder, the Manila Folder is designed to hold several documents in place. It is formed by folding a large sheet of stiff card in half. Another item is the Manila Envelope that’s designed for transporting papers without making them crumpled or folded. These are also made from the same fibers in brown, unbleached color.

Aside from durability and knowing the uses of the Manila folder, we come to realize that it has made an impact in changing the way people do business. Because even if we’re more on the digital aspect nowadays, papers are still very useful in keeping records. This is the very reason why the Manila Folder will never run out of style.

Since everyone uses a lot of papers, a cheap yet very durable way to organize and preserve these papers can be done by using your handy dandy Manila Folder.

Now that we know why and how the Manila Folder came about, we gain a better understanding of the value of this basic item. We hope that this somehow changed your perspective on the way you look at ordinary things. And hope that you were able to capture the essence and importance of a file folder.

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