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The Best eCommerce Business Platform of 2018

eCommerce Business


The Best eCommerce Business Platform of 2018

The selection of the premier ecommerce business platform is based on a research which one has been stable with the platform for years.

For the aspiring entrepreneurs who are looking for an ecommerce business platform— this is the right article for you.

The selection of the premier ecommerce business platform is based on a research which one has been stable with the platform for years. We take into consideration in terms of selecting the platforms based on the themes, reliability, satisfaction, price, and etc. Here are few of the reviewed ecommerce business platforms:


This is an open source and popular ecommerce website with unlimited customization options. Magento gives a free social media extension to be accessible to the online costumers. However, Magento is not the best for everyone, because this website requires a computer programmer that can input and output technological data. They offer a free version of the basic plan; however, the premium with unlimited offers will cost $20,000/ year.

In result of its complicated system for the set-up. And it is not recommended for starters. Although you can hire programmers, it surely costs you money. And spending all your money at once is a risky move.


One of the best-known ecommerce business platforms in the market right now that was founded in 2004 and is based in the country of Canada. Shopify can be found all over the internet with its easy accessibility features like an application that can be installed via mobile phones for an easy mobile shopping. It has a 24/7 technical support, tutorials and their community forum wherein business owners can discuss partnerships with one another and share their ideas.

Nevertheless, Shopify is a beginner-friendly with their easy-to-manipulate features and a tutorial on how to get started with them. Their package prices range from $29 to $299 per month.

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This platform is the best choice and recommended for those ecommerce business owners who do not know how to encode data. With their various built-in features which is helpful for the beginners. It also has a set of tutorial videos that can be followed to be guided in starting up the platform. On the contrary, BigCommerce doesn’t have wide variations of a multi-vendor store system, free themes and service support. Needless to say, BigCommerce is still the right one for those entrepreneurs who wants an online-free-hassle ecommerce business.


This is another beginner-friendly platform for entrepreneurs who want to get a beautiful theme; because in here, you can ask the site to make a website that goes according to you loved artistry and aesthetics. With Wix, clients can easily build up their own ecommerce platform with the help of artificial design intelligence that can easily build the platform. One of the cheapest platform in the internet market. They offer an affordable price for their plans ranges from $5 to 25$ a month.

Final Verdict About eCommerce Business Platform

In a nutshell, these platforms are built for different types of ecommerce business systems. A wise step to every business starts by learning and an in-depth research to be equipped. Knowledgeable about how the platforms is an advantage as well. Because the prevention is better than losing all the time, cost and effort the company has exerted for this.

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